Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Images Are Vital To Modern Blogs

In fact, if you looked at the most popular blogs in topics such as marketing, technology, or business – some of the hottest niches in the blogosphere – you‘d see an overwhelming majority using images in their posts.

In a landscape where everyday marks a cutthroat battle for attention, images are becoming as essential as text to professional bloggers, web publishers and businesses alike.

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If you take a look at a handful of the most popular blogs on the web, you’ll notice a few things they have in common. 1. The writers are passionate, and knowledgable about specific niches. 2. As a result, the writing is compelling. 3. They use images in their posts. Why? Because:

  • Images are a signal to visitors that a site’s material is premium.
  • Strategic imagery helps bloggers build their brand.
  • Images are mood setters.
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    Strategic imagery helps bloggers build their brand
    A blogger can consistently use imagery associated with their niche to create something that text alone cannot – a visual association tagged to their brand.
    Users will form a positive association not just with the blogger behind the site, but come to expect a complementary look and feel accompanying the posts. Giving visitors even one more good reason to come back to a blog is worth the effort, as the landscape is ultra-competitive.
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