Monday, June 14, 2010

Good reasons to ban the Vuvuzela - TIME

SHOOT: It's a no brainer. It's not good for the players, it's damaging to the ears and most people don't seem to like it. Banning may not be the answer, but limiting its use to Bafana games only may well be.
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1. TV Viewers Hate Them

As the majority of us aren't fortunate enough to be on the ground in South Africa, the vuvuzela's sheer annoyance during the World Cup broadcast is the primary reason they should go. The horns - blown by ardent supporters in the stands by producing a raspberry sound with their lips - are a droning, persistent whine in the background of every match, sounding like nothing so much as a buzzing swarm of bees. Viewers are so fed up that some have released guides to changing TV audio settings to minimizes the horns.
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2. They Can Damage Hearing

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3. (Most) Players Hate Them

"We can't sleep at night because of the vuvuzelas," said the French captain, Patrice Evra. "People start playing them from 6 a.m."
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4. Broadcasters Hate Them

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5. They Overpower the Other Noise

Even Danny Jordaan, the World Cup's organizer who has so far refused to ban the horns, admits as much: "I would prefer singing," he said.
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Capello Fabio said...

Now it has started and it's a bug, there are a couple of petitions online to ban the vuvuzela from the World Cup. Here's one:

Pieter said...

I am ashamed if people from other countries say that the vuvuzela is a South African culture thing. This idiotic horn has nothing to do with the South Africa culture. It might the the culture of the stupid brain dead people in SOuth Africa but not the culture of everybody in our country. Please ban this idiotic instrument from the games.

Sharon Mathieson said...

Have you guys seen the vuvuzero t-shirt?

I absolutely hate the damn thing and this t-shirt helps me express that!

Its quite funny too