Monday, June 14, 2010

FIFA and junk food giants criticised

It would be a great boost for public health around the world if FIFA could show real leadership on this issue by announcing it will not consider companies that promote unhealthy products as sponsors or partners in future.

SHOOT: Yes, it's odd that you have Coke and McDonalds, the unhealthiest combination possible, sponsoring an event that's about being fit and fast and healthy. Why not a Vuvuzela manufacturer?
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Johannesburg - It stars some of the fittest athletes on the planet but health experts say the World Cup's positive lifestyle message is undermined by the choice of junk food giants to sponsor the tournament.

A recent report by the national Heart Foundation found that 29% of South African men and 56% of women are overweight.

Even youngsters are not immune to weight problems with 17% of children aged between one and nine classed as overweight.

The World Cancer Research Fund, which says there is convincing evidence that excess body fat increases the risk of six types of cancer, said FIFA had been irresponsible in its choice of sponsors.

"It is disappointing that these companies have been chosen as sponsors and partners," said the charity's general manager Teresa Nightingale in reference to McDonald's, Coca Cola and Budweiser.

"We have to be realistic and accept that the existing sponsorship agreements are now in place.

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