Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Did Bird show that British cops are useless?

SHOOT: You have a rampaging killer, you pursue him and when he points a gun at you, head off in the opposite direction?
clipped from www.guardian.co.uk
Police and public in Whitehaven, Cumbria, for memorial service for shooting victims of Derrick Bird

Cumbrian police confirmed today that three officers saw Derrick Bird shoot a taxi driver and passenger during his gun rampage, but said: "At no point did they have an opportunity to end the killings sooner."

Having already killed his twin brother, David, the family solicitor and a colleague in Whitehaven, Bird evaded police and went on to kill nine more people before turning his gun on himself.

The force said a neighbourhood policing officer first gave chase after commandeering a car. But he abandoned the pursuit to help a taxi driver whom Bird had shot.

Two other unarmed officers in a police van then took up the chase but they stopped when Bird halted and pointed his gun at them.

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