Sunday, June 20, 2010

Creation or Evolution and the Art of Camouflage

SHOOT: Now rather than going to the lengths to camouflage themselves, a creator would simply have created these creatures in amanner that would make them more or less appetising. Instead, these creatures have evolved in a direction that integrated them into their environment visually to the extent that it didn't interfere [too much] with their functionality.
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Natures Best Camouflage-Sea Dragon
Camouflage Lizard
Hidden Shrimp
Grasshopper - Master of Camouflage Clothing
Natures Camouflage
Camouflage Brownish Frog
Camouflaged Rock Grasshopper
Camouflaged Spider, Montagne dAmbre, Madagascar
False Leaf Katydid, BCI, Panama
The Art of Camouflage
I Am Not Here!
Camouflage 2
Idoloantis Diabolica - Devils Flower Mantis
Sleeping Owl
 Painted Frogfish
Bug in Camouflage
Butterfly in Disguise
Orange-Tip Butterfly
Zizeeria Knysna
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