Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Armstrong's Radioshack snubbed by Vuelta

SHOOT: Disappointing.
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Johan Bruyneel

RadioShack manager Johan Bruyneel was left speechless after learning that his Lance Armstrong-led team was not invited to the Tour of in Spain September.

"I am not only surprised, I am speechless," Bruyneel said from the Tour of Switzerland. "At first I thought it was a mistake so I called organizer Javier Guillen for some explanation. He told me that the other teams offered him better options on a sporting level.

"I cannot accept or understand this decision. With Levi Leipheimer, Andreas Klöden, Chris Horner and Jani Brajkovic we had four potential Vuelta winners on the roster we sent to (race organisers) Unipublic."

The Belgian said he now wants to "fight for the interests of the cycling teams" to make sure race organisers do not "abuse" the power they have when it comes to choosing teams for their races.

"There is an abuse of power. Some organisers take away the hunger of potential sponsors to invest in our sport," added Bruyneel.

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