Saturday, June 12, 2010

Are you shooting the 2010 World Cup? Send me your pictures and make some CA$H

Are you a photographer covering the Fifa World Cup matches?
If so, are you interested in possibly making sales and generating income on photos of newsmakers and celebrities attending the tournament?

I've been contacted by the Operations Manager for US-based distributor, London Entertainment, their images are distributed through Splash News.

In the US, they provide images to publications ranging from People Magazine, Rolling Stone, and US Weekly and to newspapers such as The New York Post, LA Times and USA Today.

In England they supply photos to OK!, Hello, Heat, and Now magazine, as well as all the daily and Sunday papers (The Sun, News of the World, The Peoples, Sunday Mirror, The Mirror, The Star, The Daily Mail, The Times, The Telegraph).

They also send material to countries across Europe including Spain, Italy,Germany, Denmark and Sweden, and provide media coverage to publications in Japan, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

What they're looking for are aforementioned photos of newsmakers and celebrities who will be in attendance at the World Cup tournament.

Shots of watching from the stands, cheering, entering the South African venues and celebrating during and after the games are the type of images that sale.

I have signed with the company and will split the earnings 50% for any and all money received on all sales, so start sending your pictures.

Please get back to me with any specific questions you may have:

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