Sunday, June 13, 2010

"All of us who consume oil are complicit in the oppression of others.”

SHOOT: So try to use less.

Walk, bike, use public transportation. If it’s necessary to use a car, be sure to have a fuel efficient vehicle or car pool. Aggregate your trips, so there’s one weekly shopping trip, for example, instead of 4 or 5.

Taking personal responsibility

Now whether you agree with the precise details of Chris’ assessment or not, oil is still an underlying thread along with greed.  I was further struck by a single remark among the 48 responses, which was offered by Terry: “All of us who consume oil are complicit in the oppression of others.”

11 ways to reduce oil consumption

1. Reduce the use of plastic, a petroleum derived product. 
2. Buy natural fiber clothing instead of polyester, nylon, and other forms of synthetic, petroleum derived clothing.

3. Buy used products instead of new ones, which will reduce oil use both in production and transportation.  Craig’s list, garage sales, and classified ads are good resources for used items.  Often, you can find items that are almost brand new.

4. Buy products that are produced locally, instead of one’s that require transportation from a distance. 
10. Change your vehicle use patterns.  Use your car less or not at all.

11. Turn down the heat.

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