Friday, June 18, 2010

After one match, 4 North Koreans defect

SHOOT: There is probably forced labour or execution awaiting them if they lose, so no wonder they're in a hurry to jump ship. Does this mean they can play for South Korea then?
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Let's Samba! Brazil star Robinho shows fancy footwork versus North Korea (Getty Images)

FIFA has confirmed that it has no further information at this stage about the whereabouts of the four North Korea players who are believed to have gone missing in South Africa.
The official teamsheet for the Koreans' opener against Brazil ealier this week listed Myong-won, An Chol-hyok, Kim Kyong-il and Pak Sung-hyok as absent.
There is speculation that the four have tried to defect, although FIFA communications directr Nicolas Maignot could offer little at this stage by way of clarification.
"We have no information on this - we have only been contacted on this issue by the media," he told reporters.
"Our media officer with the Korea DPR who has spoken to their delegation [says they] completely deny these rumours."
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