Saturday, June 19, 2010

4 Ways to Deal with the Vuvuzela

1. Suck It Up And Simply Watch More World Cup Matches Until They Begin To Vanish On Their Own Accord. Okay, this one is perhaps the most counterintuitive way of dealing with vuvuzelas, but think about it. Given the fact that they’re essentially a constant drone, vuvuzela blasts are almost like white noise. If you simply get over how annoying they are and start concentrating on the game again, you’ll probably notice them a lot less.

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Fans blow vuvuzelas at a World Cup match in Durban, South Africa.
For those of us following World Cup coverage, it's tough to get through a day’s news without someone talking about those vuvuzela horns blown by thousands of fans at each match. Everyone’s got their favorite metaphor for describing their sound – mine is a swarm of giant, referee-eating wasps – and most seem to embrace the notion that the sound of the vuvuzela is, well, as annoying as an orchestra of dentist drills. Officials have debated whether to ban them and players blame them for mistakes on the field – and all the while, the fans keep blowing them.

With that in mind, here’s my list of ways to drown out the vuvuzelas from your World Cup experience.

Blast Some Guns N’ Roses
Use The Magic Of Audio Engineering To Wipe Them Out. Because vuvuzelas are tuned to bleat out a B flat fairly consistently, it didn’t take long for some audio geeks to figure out ways of reducing their impact using equalizers and audio filters.
Imagine Alligators And Black Holes Consuming Your Least Favorite Team.
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