Tuesday, June 15, 2010

2010 World Cup = cacophony of deafening noise

SHOOT: Interesting view from the Telegraph. Must say, the fact that supporters to the game - not just South Africans, but overseas visitors, should be allowed to express themselves. But I would argue, not ALL the time.
Top players have called for the vuvuzela's ban (Image: AFP)

But the people really suffering are the players. It may be unpleasant having to listen to the vuvuzelas in the comfort of your sitting room but at least we can turn the volume down. Indeed, the BBC is even debating whether to broadcast vuvuzela-free matches. But the players have no such luxury. Xabi Alonso, the Spanish midfielder, says the noise makes it difficult for the players to concentrate and impossible for them to communicate with each other. The Danish goalkeeper Thomas Sorensen complained after yesterday’s match with Holland that he had to be standing within a 10-yard radius of his defenders and make eye contact with them in order to make himself understood. Not ideal when your opponents are taking a corner.

If this tournament is to be rescued, Fifa needs to ban the vuvuzela straight away.
So it’s racist to try and prevent a stadium sounding like a traffic jam is it?
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