Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Zuma vs Malema - by Khaya Dlanga

When the president was in England to visit the Queen, he said that nationalisation of mines was not ANC policy. Do you think Julius Malema has forgotten that? Oh no he hasn’t. His memory is elephantine. Please allow me to quote Malema, "Other people can go around the world, even to the Queen in Britain to make assurances that mines will not be nationalised, yet the reality of the situation is that nationalisation of mines is currently on the agenda of the ANC."

SHOOT: Nice piece, well written. We should not be too quick to think that Malema will just disappear. I believe we are in a period of economic contraction for a long time yet, and during such periods, people will turn to extremists in particular to save them, and they're particularly susceptible to populism.
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Julius Malema is mad. He is not happy. He doesn’t like being hauled before the ANC’s disciplinary committee at all. And so he’s taking his fight to the person he believes should be looking out for him. Juju seems to be thinking, I looked out for you, put myself at risk for you, now you’re going to throw me under the bus? I put you there and I can take you down. You are at my mercy Mr President. If you like the comforts and the trappings of your office, enjoy them. They will last - but not for you Mr President. Juju is ready for an old Western duel.
This is going to be fun. I’m getting my popcorn ready.
If Malema implies that even Thabo Mbeki was better than Jacob Zuma, we know that he means business. The YL president is a wounded animal and wounded animals are dangerous.
It appears that Julius went with his mshini wakhe blazing at the president with some thinly veiled jabs at Zuma, they were as sharp as anything Mike Tyson threw at his peak.
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