Sunday, May 30, 2010

World Cup Terror Attack more than likely

All agreed that concrete plans for attempted attacks exist. "There is no doubt about that."

Sandee is more forthright. He told the US congress that numerous references were made to World Cup attacks in closed-frequency radio broadcasts and telephone intercepts this month in Mauritania, Algeria, Mali, Pakistan and Yemen.

"Information confirms that several venues will be targeted, some simultaneously, others at random. Reference is also made to the possibility of a kamikaze-type attack."

SHOOT: As far as I'm concerned a World Cup in South Africa is an ideal target for terrorists, because it is such a ridiculously easy target. Porous borders, rampant domestic crime, corruption [even in the SAPS] and of course the inherent social instability. Any country with massive amounts of poor people also provides an ideal breeding ground for extremists and criminal opportunists.
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CALABASH: Soccer City will host both the opening and final soccer matches of the 2010 FIFA World Cup Picture: REUTERS

  • Pakistani and Somali militants are running terror training camps in northern Mozambique;

  • Trainees from these camps may have crossed into South Africa to join or form cells planning World Cup attacks;

  • Surveillance and strike teams planning attacks are well established in South Africa. Terror groups involved include al-Qaeda and their Somalian allies, al-Shahaab; and

  • Simultaneous and random attacks are being planned during the World Cup.

  • According to two insiders, a watch-list of 40 terror suspects has been drawn up.

    But several intelligence sources - as well as briefing papers seen by the Sunday Times - and extensive interviews with security experts and counter-terror analysts suggest that local authorities may be instilling "a false sense of security", as one analyst put it.

    Two sources separately confirmed the Mozambique camps and presence of both al-Qaeda and al-Shabaab operatives.
    "It's impossible to tell. It's simply unknown if capabilities for large-scale, orchestrated attacks exist."
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