Thursday, May 27, 2010

Woman left behind on plane, sleeps four hours before cleaning staff find her

SHOOT: She's one hell of a sleeper if she slept through the landing and everyone getting off.
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A sleeping passenger was found on an airplane, alone, nearly four hours after everyone else got off. It's adding a new twist to airport security concerns, as the incident is raising questions about who's watching the planes we fly.

"I'm completely freaked out at this point," McGuire said. "I'm like, 'oh my God, why didn't somebody wake me up?'"

"[This is] really easy stuff. All this drama could have been avoided if someone just made the effort to, number one, wake me up, and number two, not to just leave me there," McGuire said.

A spokesperson for Trans States, the commuter airline, says it's standard protocol to make sure all passengers are safely off the plane at the end of every flight.
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