Sunday, May 16, 2010

What is a miracle? Here's a definition - remember it!

SHOOT: As predicted people are calling the survival of one 9 year old boy on the ill-fated plane that crashed outside Tripoli a miracle. Actually the chances of one or two or a handful of people surviving a crash are fair to middling. No a miracle would have been the other way round - not one boy surviving but everyone surviving a horrific crash except one small boy. I heard a story where an apartment burned down and the only object untouched by the flames was a bible. This was also called a miracle. Again, a miracle would be if the bible was burnt to a crisp thereby preventing the rest of the apartment from catching fire. Almost everyone dying in an airplane crash is the other side of that miracle - what about them?
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Dutch child survivor of Libya crash returns home

AMSTERDAM – The 9-year-old Dutch boy who miraculously survived a plane crash in Libya returned to the Netherlands aboard an airborne ambulance Saturday and was whisked away to a hospital in his hometown, where he must begin to rebuild his life without his parents or brother.

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