Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What's the deal with Mozambicans?

SHOOT: If my memory serves me it was a Mozambican who was set on fire during those awful Xenophobia attacks, Mozambican who was classified as SA's most wanted criminal and a Mozambican who kicked Marzanne half to death. What's the deal? Are they more prone to violence and mischief?
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Johannesburg - The third man allegedly involved in the attack on baby Marzanne Kruger has been arrested, police said on Tuesday.
Chakhoma Machaba, 28, was arrested in Mozambique, with the help of Interpol and police in that country, police said in a statement.
He was wanted in connection with the attack on one-year-old Marzaan and her minder, Francina Sekhu, in their Randburg, Johannesburg home on April 22.
"Detectives will soon leave for Mozambique to continue their investigations in that country and to ascertain whether it is indeed Machaba."
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South Africa's most-wanted criminal has been captured two weeks after escaping from a top security jail near Pretoria.
Ananias Mathe
Ananias Mathe, 29, from Mozambique, was detained last December on more than 50 charges, including murder and rape.
Police describe him as "the ultimate criminal" and launched a huge manhunt for him when he escaped.
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