Sunday, May 16, 2010

We are outnumbered by idiots, and also by smart idiots

CNBCsucks: As much as intellectuals around the world like to debate the energy crisis amongst themselves and then criticize the American people for making the wrong choices in their elections, it nevertheless will be the American people who will largely determine the direction of the world for probably the next eight years, and hopefully the next 16 years.

SHOOT: Interesting what you come across when you google your own name...
South African dork
I got a little praise from Nick Van Der Leek for posting on this South African dork’s (left) blog here and here.  I hadn’t revisited those blogs to see how people had responded to my comments, but apparently the aforementioned South African dork didn’t take kindly to my “earthy language, arrogance and misanthropy”.  Well, yeah, nobody’s perfect.  But I don’t post here or comment in other people’s blogs to make highly analytical arguments or engage in intellectual debates, as I originally warned you, my fans, here.  Rational analysis and communications are a huge amount of work and I do that in my professional life, so why bother here?  And as Nick says, “we are outnumbered by idiots, and also by smart idiots”.  (By smart idiots, I think Nick means people like Larry “Drill, Drill, Drill” Kudlow and Jim “You’re Gonna Lose Your Money if You Listen to Me” Cramer, who are not idiots at all, but the most clever and dangerous propagandists of the status quo.) 
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