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WARNING: Pretty Women Are Bad for the Heart

SHOOT: This is definitely a topic I can attest to as a photographer. Although I have photographed literally some of the most beautiful women in the world, if I am in a restaurant or walking down the street and I see a particularly attractive woman, my stress levels shoot up. This is not because I want to hit on the person or am attracted to the person per se, because it's true whether I'm in a relationship or not. Since my job is to capture this beauty it is sometimes difficult to ignore. And acting on the impulse proves very tricky because when you approach the person to discuss a shoot they think you're hitting on them. Facebook provides a safer sanctuary for these sort of interactions, and the ladies can check your credentials too.
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Being in the presence of an attractive woman sends a man's stress levels to dangerous heights.

Researchers at Spain's University of Valencia paid 84 male college students about $20 to participate in an experiment, which they were told would involve solving sudoku puzzles. That, however, was cover to have the guy spend five minutes alone in a room with a pretty woman, who presumably was also there to do sudokus.
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The subjects' levels of cortisol, a hormone released in response to stress, was tested before and after the interaction. The researchers conclude that, when in the presence of a desirable female, the average male's production of cortisol shoots up by roughly the same amount as it would if he were in the process of jumping from an airplane.

Short, extreme bursts of cortisol can be bad for the heart. Chronic exposure can lead to adult diabetes and impotency.

So even if you overcome your trepidation and get the hottie, things aren't looking good for you.
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