Tuesday, May 11, 2010

U2's eleven worst songs of 2004

When was the last time U2 had a hit? Or a flop? Or anything for that matter? Their last major release was in 2000, an album which was so inconsequential that merely labeling it as such bumps it into a lesser category of sucktitude (but just barely, so eat shit). If their faces weren't lit up, nobody would know who they were except for the most diehard U2 fans, and nobody cares what they think.

SHOOT: I'm a U2 fan but didn't think much of that 2004 album. Don't believe everything you read but it seems as though the page clipped below has been read over 4 million times.

Narrowing down the worst songs of 2004 to a mere eleven was possibly the
hardest thing I've ever done. What, with Jessica Simpson's "ReJoyce"
Christmas-exploitation album, Lindsay Lohan's aural holocaust, "Speak,"
and Celine Dion's pretentious bullshit "Miracle," and by the way, I didn't
think it was possible for me to hate Celine Dion anymore than I already
did until I saw the cover of her newest album and accompanying calendar
for the modern "grrrl power" super-bitch who finds solace in Dion's brash
self-righteous smuggery. Alas, I used some restraint and narrowed
the list down to eleven. Here they are:

1. How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb - U2 - Vertigo

Here's a sample of the "seriously heavy lyrics" in Vertigo:

Click here to listen (49k mp3):

And who could forget this poignant verse:

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah,
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah.

Click here to listen (96k mp3):

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