Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Symptoms of Addiction

Profound personality changes are extreme. If you witness this, it's advised to reach out to a professional for guidance and counseling on how to address your loved one.

SHOOT: What about being addicted to Facebook? Can't that bring about all these changes, but in a subtler but having no less pernicious an effect on oneself and others...
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  • Change in Behavior: As people's addictions get bigger, their lives get smaller, and the things that they value the most begin to fall away. Suddenly they stop doing activities or hobbies that they once loved, or maybe their mood has become erratic.
  • Legal Issues: A DUI or getting thrown in the clink for a drunk and disorderly is an obvious tell that your loved one's judgment is off. But there are also less obvious signs, like doctor shopping or frequenting ER rooms.
  • Personality Changes: Mind you, this isn't the same as watching a person get a little down in the dumps, or go through a period of anxiety. Profound personality changes are much more extreme.
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