Friday, May 07, 2010

South Koreans cancel visit to South Africa - fear they might be attacked because of their skin colour

In the e-mail sent to the schools, of which The Herald has a copy, the organisers of the Korean visit say the reasons for the cancellation include the “uncouth” behaviour of Malema towards foreign reporters, the “burning of trains”, the “media coverage regarding the killing of Eugene Terre’Blanche” and the “continual strikes in the country”.
“The cancellation was based on the South African government which cannot secure their safety after ANCYL president Julius Malema’s singing of ‘Shoot the boer’. Now they fear they might be attacked because of their skin colour.”

SHOOT: The big untold story of the SWC - Malema wiping out SA's good PR just weeks before kickoff by repeatedly singing 'Kill the Boer' and the SA government not sure whether there was anything wrong with him doing that.
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A GROUP of 600 South Koreans due to stay in Port Elizabeth during the Fifa World Cup have cancelled their trip, citing concerns about South Africa’s high crime rate and protest action.

The group had booked to stay at Parsons Hill Primary School and Lawson Brown High School for three days.

However the schools’ principals received an e-mail this week saying the visitors were cancelling their trip after media coverage in Korea of AWB leader Eugene Terre’Blanche’s murder, ANCYL leader Julius Malema’s verbal abuse of a BBC reporter, continual strikes and protests in the country and the burning and stoning of trains and buses.

South Korea is due to take on Greece in Nelson Mandela Bay on June 12.

Saddler said the organisers had paid R50000 to each school for accommodation.

“We were surprised to receive an e-mail from the visitors’ organisers in Cape Town on Tuesday saying they were cancelling the booking agreement with the schools.

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