Saturday, May 29, 2010

South Africans get off to a good start - Colombian side already robbed in their hotel rooms

In June last year Egypt's soccer team said some players had had their hotel rooms burgled and wallets stolen during the Confederations Cup tournament in South Africa.

SHOOT: Despite our President urging South Africans to behave well [I guess he means not commit crime] some couldn't help themselves. I guess that should read: helped themselves to money lying around. Nice going. Who is proudly South African? High five! Oh where's my watch?
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Johannesburg - Prosecutors have charged two cleaners at a Johannesburg hotel for stealing money from members of Colombia's national soccer team, in South Africa for a friendly match ahead of the World Cup, police said on Friday.

Police spokeswomen Sally de Beer said three hotel staff, the only people apart from the players who had access to the five rooms affected, were arrested for the Tuesday theft, but charges were dropped against one person.

They are suspected of stealing about $2,000 and 720 euros in cash. The players were out of the hotel at the time, training for the match against South Africa. The money was not recovered.

"The prosecuting authority decided to prosecute two of the arrested women, who were employed as cleaners, and withdraw charges against the third, who was a supervisor," she said.

The hotel in Johannesburg's affluent Hyde Park suburb is to host Slovenia's World Cup squad, due on June 7.

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