Wednesday, May 26, 2010

South Africa's internet sucks - STUDY

SHOOT: Unfortunately I'm not sure if there is a way around this. South Korea has a highly educated, wealthy, homogenous population. South Africans are poorly educated, poverty is common, and the government wants 11 official languages. That doesn't translate to a wired economy, maybe an agricultural one.

A new study by Ookla shows what many consumers in SA already suspected: that the country performs poorly when it comes to broadband connectivity speeds.

According to the newly published Net Index, which is based on millions of recent test results from website, SA ranks 92nd in the world for broadband download speeds, directly behind Mexico, the Philippines and Uganda.

The top five countries in the index are South Korea, where average download speeds were measured at 34,1Mbit/s, Latvia (24,3Mbit/s), Modolva (21,4Mbit/s), Japan (20,3Mbit/s) and Sweden (19,8Mbit/s).

Big economies like the US (10,1Mbit/s) and China (2,9Mbit/s) performed relatively poorly compared to the leading countries.

When it comes to uploads, SA performs even worse than it does in downloads, coming 102nd out of the 152 countries listed, with an average speed of just 0,58Mbit/s. That puts SA in the same company as Montenegro, Syria and Lybia.

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