Sunday, May 23, 2010

South Africa's cops lose their jobs, become robbers - attack white farmers

SHOOT: Interestingly this cop resigned to take up the more lucrative and popular [and socially acceptable] job of 'shoot the boer' and 'steal his stuff'.
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Lieutenant-General Lesetja Ephraim Beetha said the constable, aged 34, was allegedly part of a group who attempted to rob a farm outside Schweizer-Reneke on Friday.

The farmer apparently heard gunshots on his premises and saw three people entering through the gate.

After another gunshot was fired, the farmer drew his own firearm and shot back.

Neighbouring farmers began a search for the robbers.

"We have been informed that the third suspect - [the] resigned police official - will be handed over to the police in due course by his legal representative."

The two arrested will appear on a charge of attempted murder at the Schweizer-Reneke Magistrate's Court on Monday.

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