Monday, May 03, 2010

Smoking Cannabis is harmless, right?

Hazell said he had no recollection of the three days leading to the crash in the early hours of June 19, 2009. Two other passengers, Mark Vujasevic and Joseph Luzar, survived with serious injuries. They told police how, when they had begged Hazell to slow down, he simply turned up the volume on the radio.

Jailing Hazell, Judge Sheridan described the two charges of causing death by dangerous driving as the worst of their kind. "You drove sufficiently slowly to get past the safety (speed) camera then 'floored it', to quote Joseph Luzar. Your passengers asked you to slow down - Luzar asked you five times.

SHOOT: Not sure how Hazell will be able to live with himself after this. Would you be able to?
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A shocked judge ordered a minute's silence in his court for the victims of a double fatal car crash and then directed that this dramatic photograph should be shown to the public. The man in the picture was the driver.

The bright young people in the other image died because he was "driving like a dick" and ignored his passengers' pleas for him to slow down.

Judge Francis Sheridan said the picture of the wreckage in which the two died "should be a warning to youngsters who choose to drive like lunatics".

Hazell, 30, was at the wheel of the Rover even though he was banned from driving. He had two previous convictions for driving under the influence of alcohol, even though his own father was killed by a drunk driver. Promising university student Laura, and Stephen, died when callous Hazell lost control and hit a kerb and two street poles on the way home from a night club.

"Two very decent members of the public died as a result of your showing-off."
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OneStonedCrow said...

Tragic ... but I don't see why cannabis is blamed for him "driving like a dick" - he had a history of driving under the influence of alcohol and was banned from driving - in my opinion he is an irresponsible asshole who should spend the rest of his life behind bars ... ALCOHOL abuse and not cannabis was the main factor here ...

Nick said...

you're right,an irresponsible asshole. cannabis is a drug that encourages irresponsibility. under its potency you could 'care less'. thats why people use it - to get high, to not care. so why so defensive of cannabis? the driver claimed he had no memory of the previous 3 days, something you wouldn't associate with alcohol. cannabis has a well known record of causing psychological problems which cause mental diseases like mania, schizophrenia etc. There is virtual certainty that young [teen] abusers of this drug will develop mental problems in adulthood.