Monday, May 17, 2010

Skydiver snags rugby post

SHOOT: This was a tandem jump and sounds like his partner landed on him and then stood around like a hero totally unaware that they'd snagged or that he was in agony.
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Klerksdorp - An experienced Johannesburg skydiver had a nightmarish experience on Saturday when his parachute hooked onto a rugby post before he fell 10m to the ground at Wesvalia High School, in front of thousands of spectators.
Johan Grobler is being treated in the intensive care unit at Wilmed Park private hospital, after he broke his femur, left upper arm and wrist and fractured his pelvis. He is currently under strong sedation.
Grobler presumably made an error of judgement when he underestimated the turbulence.
His parachute hooked onto the rugby post, bending it before his parachute broke loose and Grobler fell to the ground.
His co-jumper, Marietjie du Plessis, said she couldn't see what was going on from the air.
"At first all I saw the bent post. Then I saw the ambulance and the people standing around him. I had a huge fright, but the bystanders assured me he was okay.
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