Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Shell wants to try deep water drilling despite BP's gulf catastrophe

SHOOT: It shows the desperation these companies are facing to find new and alternate resources. All the easy to reach easy to refine resources are gone. Question that faces everyone is - would you rather have the lights on and drive your car, or save the pelicans and dragon flies?

Fin24: David Harper, manager for sustainable development at Shell’s international exploration division in the Netherlands, says that before or during the seismic survey gravitational magnetic soundings will be done to form a broad picture of the undersea geology. This can be done by aircraft.

Only then will Shell be able to decide if and where test wells will be sunk.
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Cape Town - The global oil giant Shell wants to prospect for oil and natural gas along an extensive area in South Africa's West Coast.

The seawater depth in this 37 000km² region ranges from 150m to about 4 000m. This is expected to be the deepest that Shell has so far prospected for oil, and it's the first time that the company has actively explored South African waters for oil and gas.

To date the group’s deepest marine oil well is 2 500m deep in the Perdido field in the Gulf of Mexico.

In November 2009 Shell won the bid from the Petroleum Agency of South Africa (Pasa) for exploration rights in the so-called Orange River Basin. The group is now officially applying for a three-year exploration licence, which can subsequently be extended three times, for two years at a  time.

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