Sunday, May 16, 2010

She said she'd sail around the world, and she has. She's home.

"People don't think you're capable of these things — they don't realize what young people, what 16-year-olds and girls are capable of," Watson told the crowd. "It's amazing when you take away those expectations what you can do."

SHOOT: Great to see people like this - inspiring, courageous - showing that great things can be done without necessarily resorting to a keyboard and mouse. There is a real world out there...and apparently Jessica's next move, after sailing around the world, is learning to drive and getting her license.
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Jessica Watson

SYDNEY – A 16-year-old Australian who braved boat knockdowns and seven months of solitude on a sail around the world set foot on dry land outside the Sydney Opera House on Saturday and quickly set an earthier goal: getting her driver's license.

Jessica Watson became the youngest person to sail around the globe solo, nonstop and unassisted when she cruised into Sydney Harbour in her pink, 34-foot (10-meter) yacht to a rock star welcome of thousands. She successfully maneuvered her boat through raging storms, 40-foot (12-meter) waves and seven knockdowns during the 23,000 nautical mile journey that critics thought she wouldn't survive.

After standing on land for the first time in 210 days, the teen said she's eager to learn how to drive a car, to eat fresh fruit and salad after months of packaged meals, get a full night's sleep instead of catnaps and shake off her sea legs with a long walk on the beach.

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