Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Shark encounter sends Pro Surfer to Church. Seriously

I was so relieved, it was beyond belief. I started crying on the beach. It was all so scary," said Rosy. Even hours after the incident she was still emotional about it all. "Flip, I still felt completely vulnerable even on dry land. I ran home. My home overlooks the point, and I asked my mom, where’s dad? My dad had gone to the shop to by onions. The most radical thing happens to Greg and I, in full view of my house, and my dad had gone off to buy some onions."

SHOOT: I think this is about as scary and finding a lion wandering into your living room, or thorugh your campsite. Man may be an apex predator but so is a great white, so is a lion, and of the three, man is the weakest link. BOO! You blinked. They didn't.
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"This was the heaviest thing that has ever happened to me," said professional surfer Greg Emslie after an encounter with a massive white shark at Queensbury Bay yesterday - Sat 22 May.
An idyllic surf at the Eastern Cape point break, with fellow professional surfer Rosy Hodge, came very close to ending in tragedy, with Emslie being relentlessly circled and buzzed by a great white, and Rosy almost paddling straight into the danger zone.
"The whole thing must have taken about three to four minutes, but it felt like absolute ages,"said Greg. "I had plenty of time to size it up, and it was probably about four metres in length. It was like right out of the water. Both fins out, just staring at me. We had full eye contact for most of the time as well, just fully sussing each other out the whole time."
"I was just thinking, this is it," said Greg. "I’m going to get hit. It kept on coming at me, while I sat with my feet up on my board."
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