Thursday, May 20, 2010

SELF DEFENCE: Terre'blanche's murderers planned to kill him on Friday, then changed their minds and killed him on Saturday

Testimony on Mahlangu's background was then presented by his uncle Isiah Ngobeni, who said he first met Mahlangu when he was a boy in Chiredzi, Zimbabwe.
"He is not a violent person and always, he was obedient. When I talked to him he always said 'uncle forgive me if I offend you'."

The court heard Mahlangu had five siblings, and about 20 other family members living in South Africa.
Ngobeni said Mahlangu, who left school in Grade 4 or 5, also had a drinking problem, but he was willing to help him.

SHOOT: So much is wrong with this picture. A young illegal alien with a drinking problem preying, murdering on the local population that has offered him employment.
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Ventersdorp - The court heard on Wednesday that murder-accused Chris Mahlangu got so annoyed when Eugene Terre'Blanche's cellphone kept ringing that he took out the sim card, chewed on it and threw it away.
This forced the second-accused to borrow a cellphone to call the police to alert them to the situation.
Earlier, prosecutor George Baloyi read out an affidavit from Home Affairs stating there was no record of Mahlangu on the population register.
Baloyi said according to the affidavit, Mahlangu said he was born on September 19 1982, but because his details could not be found, he either entered the country illegally or gave different particulars when he entered South Africa from Zimbabwe.
Even if he had applied for proper documents, nothing stopped him from moving in and out of South Africa freely.
Mano said: "Along the way back from the farm, the Terre'Blanche phone was constantly ringing. He (Mahlangu) was annoyed. He took out the sim card, chewed on it and threw it away."
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