Monday, May 03, 2010

SA’s Tweeters

SHOOT: I've blogged about this previously but here are a few tables and charts clipped which draw a nice, comprehensive picture. Interesting that tweeting is very much a JHB and CT thing. Not many other cities in SA interested in it.
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A new report has revealed there are 1.5 million Tweets every month in South Africa and 55 000 active Twitter users in the country, with the majority of users being designers, students, writers and engineers.

The report, produced by Cape Town based social media agency Fuseware, says that South Africa mostly tweets at night between 7pm and 8pm, and also first thing in the morning and over lunch.

Companies and brands that South Africa’s 55 000 Twitter users most talk about are Vodacom, Eskom and Microsoft, however, sentiment analysis of these tweets has indicated that many of the tweets are negative, says the Fuseware report.

The most popular interests of SA Twitter users are love, life and music, and SA tweets mostly contain “you” and “me” and references to their day, what they love and what their plans are.

The full report, based on data from March and April of this year, is available free-for-download here.

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Mike said...

Thanks for sharing our Twitter findings on your blog. There's a lot more interesting things to come :)