Thursday, May 06, 2010

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SHOOT: Yes it's getting pretty interesting, establishing norms for social media. Should you be on twitter or facebook or texting whilst having sex? Surely not. But why not?
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Oh dear. From the “there’s never been a better time to worry about the future of civilization” department comes the disturbing news that one in 10 people under the age of 25 deem it perfectly OK to send SMS messages during sex. It certainly adds new meaning to the term “sexting.”

A recent survey by consumer electronics shopping and review site Retrevo uncovered the disturbing statistic along with a few other generation gap metrics, including that the under 25 demographic is far more likely to think it’s OK to text during meals or while in the bathroom — something Charmin would surely approve of.

We all know multi-tasking even in social situations is becoming more culturally commonplace, but are there limits? If there are, it looks like they aren’t in the bedroom: a whopping 76% of millenials report checking Facebook or Twitter after getting into bed at night and/or before getting out of bed in the morning.

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