Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Raynard Tissink fundraiser auction for World Champs in Hawaii 2010

Raynard needs to raise R150 000 to compete at the World Champs in Hawaii in 2010.

I asked him what it involved in an interview I did for TRIATHLETE, here's a snippet of what he said:

I'm hoping to go to Hawaii. Yes, I've taken the slot, but unless we can come up with R150 000, we won't be going. Any South African travelling to Hawaii has a huge handicap competing in Kona. The time change is 12 hrs, the travelling time is 36hrs, the heat and humidity is extreme. So, a South African training alone over here, and then hoping to go over a couple of weeks in advance is wasting there time. You need to base your self in the same conditions and train with and race against the World's best if you want to realistically compete with them.

You can contribute by following him on Twitter and on Facebook, email him at if you'd like to make a donation to a worthy cause.  C'mon this is South Africa's hardest working, most dedicated athlete.  Let's give him a chance against the world's best.

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