Sunday, May 09, 2010

Mashable VS Martha Stewart [MARKLIVES.COM]

Mashable is the Martha Stewart of cyberspace. I feel somebody had to put that out there. I have proof.

SHOOT: Snazzy article this. But think Mashable is way cooler than Martha.
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1. Like Martha, Mashable diggs the colour blue. It’s the stand-out colour on both sites though I suspect Martha’s good taste was first to the party. Mashable probably went blue because it’s the favourite colour of Twitter too, and because (I’m guessing) it works with Pete Cashmore’s eyes.

2. Both can be billed as social guides. Mashable teaches you how to Tweet and gather ‘followers’ and Martha teaches you basic etiquette and to gather ‘followers.’ Followers are what we call friends in Web 2.0
3. Mashable guides you towards becoming a good influencer (Listen then respond. Be comfortable with ambiguity. Filter through your purpose.)
4. Martha loves lists.
Mashable also loves lists. ‘15 Ways to Shop for the Twitter Obsessed’, ‘5 Tips for Building Lasting Online Friendships’ (Meet Them Offline *snort*)
5. Mashable’s Pete has been honoured as ‘the most influential Briton and most influential Twitter user in the world in 2009′ – by a mobile phone manufacturer no less!
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