Thursday, May 20, 2010

Marzanne's nanny: they fought with us and kicked us like dogs

SHOOT: Here the nanny is referring to the Krugers, not her boyfriend that she invited in that beat her, the baby she was supposed to look after and stole contents in the house that presumably she was also supposed to take some responsibility for. If she wins a month's salary I'll be suprised - she deserves less for that level of gross negligence.
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Johannesburg - The nanny of baby Marzanne Kruger was going to the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) after being fired by her employer, the Star newspaper reported on Wednesday.
Nanny Franscina Sekhu has been fired by the Kruger family who are expected to be served with papers for the CCMA on Wednesday, according to the report.
Sekhu and baby Marzanne were assaulted during a house robbery in Randburg several weeks ago. Sekhu reportedly opened the door for the attackers, who had previously been employed to do construction work on the house.
After being discharged from hospital, Sekhu's mother, Martha, said her daughter was told she had been fired.
"I thought we would sit down when we got there and talk about what happened so that I could apologise about what happened to the baby because we also feel the pain she (Marzanne's mother) feels. But they fought with us and kicked us out like dogs," her mother told the paper.
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Anonymous said...

This is the sad part of living in South Africa - but the nanny should have known not to let people in the house without the approval of the owner - surely she did.
If it was my baby - I would have killed her.....