Friday, May 28, 2010

Locals running away from Cup

SHOOT: I personally don't have any plans surrounding the World Cup. I'm not really interested in forking out hard earned moolah to line FIFA's coffers. I am a little amused at how analysts and ordinary South Africans think we can make it beyond the first round. It's not that much fun being the host country when your team is one of the lowest ranked. You can add the fluff and shout AYOBA all day but it's doubtful we'll win any of our first round games. It's sort've a farce. Alsothis Proudly South African nonsense - there's very little we can sincerely claim to be proud of, and if there is anything it usually has to do with geography rather than some human endeavour. I wouldn't mind a month in Madagascar for the course of the tournament.
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Harare - Call it anti-World Cup fever - campsites and budget-price game lodges in Zimbabwe are receiving bookings from South Africans trying to escape the frenzy of the world's biggest sporting event at home, according to tour operators and officials.
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