Friday, May 21, 2010

Lance calls Landis volatile, harassing, lacking credibility

SHOOT: Interestingly Landis went to the trouble to write a book to clear his name titled Positively False. In it he denies doping. He has now admitted it. Right now they're retailing on Amazon for $0.45.
Interestingly the book is prefaced with this disclaimer:
'It reflects my present recollections...[but] not intended to be perfect recollections.' Errr...that's because it was an elaborate ruse, and can now be moved to the fiction section.
Chapter One of his book Positively False opens with this gem: 'I have nothing to hide...'
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In all honesty,  this has been going on for a long time. The harassment and threats from Floyd started a few years ago and really, at that time, we largely ignored him. Johan can speak more to what Floyd exactly wanted from us and the team. A year ago, I told him, ‘listen, you do what you have to do.' We have nothing to say and nothing to hide."
"They started again with some consistency and with some energy about a month ago before this race when Floyd continued to email, text and harass myself, Johan, Dave Zabriskie, Levi (Leipheimer), Andrew Messick, the CEO of Amgen, right around the time that they were  trying to get into this race. Floyd made pointed threats to Messick and to the leadership of Amgen that if he wasn’t let in the race he was going to say X, Y and Z about their product.
I’m not breaking any news here.  Floyd is an interesting character.  He’s volatile."
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