Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Investment options in SA’s markets

SHOOT: I believe we'll see good returns in resources, but there's a caveat. Overall, all markets are turning down, and winding down. However, demand for energy will always lead demand destructive forces causing economic contraction - that's macroeconomic. So if you speculate intuitively you can expect energy stocks to climb temporarily before they fall [further than they climbed] before climbing again - as I say, on a general downward trend. But energy from here on out leads the market.
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From 2003 to 2008, we saw staggering growth on the JSE Securities Exchange, which is unlikely to be repeated in the near term:

All Share:             +337%
Resources:          +412%
Small Caps:         +554%
Property:             +358%

With these asset classes all currently overpriced, where should investors place their assets?

We believe that there are two interesting options at present: preference shares and inflation-linked bonds.

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