Tuesday, May 11, 2010

In South Africa, the cops are also robbers [and gang members]

SHOOT: This isn't the first article on the topic of corrupt cops. If our top cop Selebi is accused of corruption, how can you expect that that rottenness hasn't infected the meat of most of the rest of the Force? You can't. If you don't solve the problem of corrupt police you can expect your country to become a banana republic. And who decides what standards should be applied to our police? Our leaders. And who chooses our political leaders?
clipped from www.sowetan.co.za
A POLICEWOMAN is in custody after allegedly robbing worshippers at a church service yesterday.

Police say they arrested her at a nearby shebeen after an alleged accomplice, who was traced to the bush by a police dog, led them to her hiding place.

eThekwini metro police arrested the constable who is stationed at Brighton Beach after the attack on worshippers at Umlazi in Durban.

Metro police spokesperson Joyce Khuzwayo said they were patrolling at Umlazi V-section when they heard gunshots.

Khuzwayo said police proceeded in the direction of the gunshots and church members came running in their direction, with others screaming.

“Pastors reported that they were robbed by seven people carrying knives and sticks while they prayed.

“They also reported that the gang was accompanied by a lady, who had fired several shots. We were given a full description of the suspects,” Khuzwayo said.

“It turned out that the seventh member of the gang was a police officer.

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