Wednesday, May 12, 2010

IN CAHOOTS: KFC and JRA conning consumers/residents

KFC’s publicity stunt imploded somewhat when a stink erupted around JRA CEO Dudu Maseko’s R767,000 “performance bonus” for failing to maintain the city’s roads adequately. Maseko received the financial pat on the back for spending only 70% her budget during the 2008/09 financial year and for failing on key deliverables. “According to the annual report of the entity, the JRA key deliverables such as pothole reinstatements, wayleaves, gravel road upgrades and kerb inlet maintenance were left hopelessly underachieved,” said Democratic Alliance spokesman on transport in Joburg, counsellor Nico de Jager at the time of that brouhaha earlier this year.

KFC obviously didn’t think about competency or the ethics of rewarding corrupt and ineffectual local government when it handed its R200,000 cheque to a beaming Makhubela. It was too busy promoting its corporate citizenship and general wonderfulness.

SHOOT: Such hypocrisy! Excellent piece from The Daily Maverick's Mandy de Waal.

If you've had the misfortune of being forced to use Johannesburg's roads in recent months – or to spend more than about five minutes speaking to someone who has – you may be under the impression that the city has a pothole problem. If you've been exposed to the right media, carrying the right advertising, you may be under the impression that chicken retailer KFC is fixing those potholes. Only one of those impressions is rooted in reality. Here's what really happened.

The City of Johannesburg is suffering from a bit of an image problem. It's not just the potholes; call centre chaos and its denialist stance on its decaying electricity infrastructure doesn't help. It's thanks to such issues that mayor Amos Masondo is currently at the centre of a satirical viral campaign with the subtext "It’s okay! He’s sorting that shit out".

KFC did indeed donate R200,000 to the coffers of the City of Johannesburg. Then it spent R800,000 advertising the deed.
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