Sunday, May 16, 2010

Iceland Volcano due to disrupt air traffic again

SHOOT: I wonder what caused the crash in Tripoli? I wonder if there is a possibility that it is realted to ash that must by now be widely dispersed.
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Ash from an Icelandic volcano once again threatens to halt flights in the United Kingdom.

London, England (CNN) -- Volcanic ash may force British airports to close again next week, the country's Department of Transport said Saturday.

If a volcano in Iceland continues to erupt at current levels and if current weather conditions prevail, air travel in Britain could be disrupted between Sunday and Tuesday.

"The government is carefully monitoring this situation, and the safety of passengers will remain our paramount concern," said Transport Secretary Philip Hammond.

The department said predictions remain fluid, urging passengers to check with airlines before taking any action.

British Airways said it would notify passengers of potential disruptions on its website.

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