Sunday, May 09, 2010

How to surf [a pictoral guide]

SHOOT: Don't be fooled, the 'pop' is the trickiest part of all, because as you begin to move you're supposed to go from lying down to standing [and balancing] on your board, whilst still going in the right direction with the wave. Not easy. Best thing thing is grab a board, get out there and practise. Get yourself light and your core muscles strong to assist in the all important pop-up move, the lighter you are the better. Oh and swimming won't hurt those arm muscles - needed to paddle out toward 'em waves.
Learn to Surf - Paddling
The motion from prone to standing is called the pop-up, which is basically a quick push up to your feet.   Lie the board on the sand (watch the fins) and do a push-up, once your arms are at full extension, pull both knees toward your stomach and hop to your feet.   If you practice this regularly it will help when in the water.
The next step is to get out there and do it.   It will be best to start in the whitewater:
Step 1---Paddle for a wave and just as you feel the momentum of the surfboard flow faster than your paddling speed, you are ready to hop up.
Step 2---With your hands firmly grasping each rail push up quickly.
Step 3---Simultaneously, extend your arms completely and pull your knees quickly up to your chest.   Be sure to keep your weight centered with just a little slant forward.
Step 4---Place your feet firmly on your board, one foot near the tail and one foot just above the midpoint of the board.
Step 5---Don't stand up completely erect. 
Learn to Surf - Standing Up - Step 1
Learn to Surf - Standing Up - Step 2
Learn to Surf - Standing Up - Step 3
Learn to Surf - Duck Diving
Learn to Surf - Duck Divers
Learn to Surf - Angle on a Wave
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