Wednesday, May 26, 2010

De Aar to become powerhouse

SHOOT: Would be good if this came about as there is a dire need for alternative energy but who would be paying for this? China or us?
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China Guodian envisages establishing a 100MW wind farm in the De Aar area, in collaboration with South Africa’s Mulilo Energy. This is part of a portfolio of six to nine wind farms across the entire country with a capacity of more than 1 500MW.
The De Aar project can be expanded to generate 300MW to 400MW, said Mulilo chief executive Johnny Cullum. The first phase, with a capacity of about 100MW, involves an investment of R1.8bn.
China Guodian, together with Mulilo, has already erected a couple of anemometer masts, the data from which will be monitored in China.
China Guodian is considering building a wind turbine assembly plant and blade factory in South Africa if there is sufficient demand for wind turbines in this country and in the rest of Africa. Such plants could create more than 1 500 jobs.
If everything goes according to plan, construction on the De Aar wind farm could begin by March 2011, and the first stage be completed by 2012 with 67 1.5MW wind turbines.
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