Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"We consistently rank in the top 10 of countries using Facebook and Twitter."

SHOOT: Intwisting article this and mostly true. I do think the impression a subset of South Africans have of South Africa is way off the mark. If you're a middle class South Africa fella with a mobile phone, internet subscription a car and a job, maybe you think you're the average South African? No, I'm not sure the average South African has a job, though he or she probably has a phone. Also not sure she or he has a car. South Africa's internet penetration levels are pretty shabby. Our total user number is around 5 million, that's one out of 10 locals using the internet. How does that make us a top 10 social media global superpower? Online, South Africa are about as influential and effective as Buffoona Buffoona.
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SOUTH Africans are increasingly turning online for news and opinion. Digital publishing is seeing decent growth in the local market and new sites are coming online in droves.

It seems two major trends are driving the uptake: an increase in the use of mobile Internet, and broadband access in general. Social media is also providing a form of casual quality control.

Momberg said there is no doubt in his mind that cheaper bandwidth, access via mobile devices and social media like Twitter and Facebook have played a significant role in increasing South Africans’ appetite for on-demand news content.

South Africans also have a keen appetite for and understanding of social media. We consistently rank in the top 10 of countries using Facebook and Twitter. Combine this with our high mobile penetration, improving broadband situation and expanding middle class and it seems obvious that on-demand publishing is headed for the big time in SA.

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