Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Buffet's son calls 'entitlement' a disaster

People who are born with a silver spoon in their mouth can fall victim to what Buffett said his father has called a "silver dagger in your back," which leads to a sense of entitlement and a lack of personal achievement.

"Entitlement is the worst thing ever and I see entitlement coming in many guises," he said. "Anybody who acts like they deserve something 'just because,', is a disaster."

SHOOT: He's right. But the opposite is also a disaster - gross neglect. Doing nothing for someone and arguing it's for their own good can sometimes be convenient. Especially when the real reason might be that you couldn't care less, or because, well [sssshhh] you're actually a fucking selfish person and you're pretty self entitled to begin with.
A good test of a selfish person? If someone makes a sincere request and the response is, "You're always asking me for things, you're so selfish..."
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Peter Buffett

NEW YORK (Reuters) –
The son of billionaire investor Warren Buffett has an old-world spiritual message for today's money-rich parents: teach your children values and do not give them everything they want.

Musician and now author Peter Buffett preaches the message in his new book "Life is What You Make it: Finding Your Own Path to Fulfillment". Recently released in the United States, it describes how he wound up a "normal, happy" person instead of a spoiled child to one of the world's richest people.

Buffett, 52, teaches the rewards of self-respect and pursuing one's own passions and accomplishments rather than buying into society's concepts of material wealth.

"I am my own person and I know what I have accomplished in my life," he said. "This isn't about wealth or fame or money or any of that stuff, it is actually about values and what you enjoy and finding something you love doing."

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