Friday, May 21, 2010

Bruyneel calls Landis extortion sad, says Floyd is bitter

I mean we took Floyd on the team when he was in bad financial shape after the Mercury fiasco and he had no money. I remember he told me, “Luckily you got me on the team because I was almost forced to sell my house to pay my bills.” Since then I think it’s been up and down for Floyd and I would advise him to look for professional help, and I’m not talking about lawyers, I’m talking about other help. "When I read the part of the email that said I’d taught him the doping, I thought, Wow, I must have some special qualifications. I deny this completely. "

SHOOT: Think sad and bitter says it all.

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“I absolutely deny everything he said.  I will reiterate a little more what Lance said.  It’s not a surprise to us, we’ve been expecting this for a long time.  Floyd started contacting us, me in particular, four years ago, almost as soon as he tested positive.   He threatened, blackmail, whatever you want to call it, asking for certain things, asking for a job when he was able to race again. 

I’ve seen him on TV and in court.  He wrote a book, set up a fund once he found out a legal defense is very expensive.  All of a sudden this changes.  He’s pointing at me, he’s pointing at Lance but he’s pointing to all the people that are still there.   He even goes after Andy Rihs or Jim Ochowicz, all people who are still in the sport.   For me it’s clear we’re dealing with someone who is bitter.  To me Floyd has always been an angry person,  sometimes for good, sometimes for bad.  Sometimes he used anger in a race to motivate himself.  But really he’s angry with the world. 
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