Monday, May 17, 2010

BP: Survival of the world's 4th largest company at stake

SHOOT: Have you heard the word 'volatility'? Change in our world - thanks in great part to our technology, our computers - is vastly accelrated, vastly more effective. This has applied to positive acquisitive changes, but we'll discover it applies to adverse change as well. We've seen massive companies like GM wiped out overnight. We will see property markets and their accesories - car markets, shopping malls, wiped out by the simple changes underlying our energy prospects.

Publically flummoxed – and threatened by a drastic loss of face – BP has launched the website to collect creative ideas from the general public on how to solve the spill. Submissions are then forwarded to engineers.

BP spokesperson Bryan Ferguson told reporters in Louisiana that he had “no idea” to what extent these suggestions were being worked on, but said that BP had “flown in experts from around the world to collaborate and contemplate the ideas that are presented.”

Said Mary Landry of the US Coast Guard, “I don’t think any of us know at this time what the impact will be on the environment, or the economic issues that are associated with this spill.”

Oil spill efforts fail; BP calls on general public for suggestions

Scientists Confirm the BP Oil Spill Is Larger Than Reported

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Yes, there is much sub-surface oil. Not only have plumes been found, oil contaminated shrimp was harvested from 'oil-free' waters. Who the hell is making that call?

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