Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Africans don't show up to their own World Cup

135 000 tickets were sold to Americans. At the other end of the spectrum? Five countries bought just two tickets each: Guinea, North Korea, Maldives, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, and Sao Tome and Principe.

SHOOT: Less than 12 000 tickets were sold to African nations [Africa has 4 qualifiers excluding South Africa]. Meanwhile other figures: Japan (21,455), the Netherlands (20,284), five-times champions Brazil (19,238), Canada (17,482) and Switzerland (16,202).
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Many Africans are too poor to be able to afford to buy World Cup tickets or to travel to South Africa.

Fewer than 40,000 of the total three million tickets available have been sold to Africans outside the host nation, despite the region's qualified nations Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon and Algeria having a combined population of more than 225 million.

South Africa's Tourism Minister Martinus van Schalkwyk revealed last week that only 11,300 visitors from Africa are expected, compared to 230,000 from overseas.

However, research group World Wide Worx says only one percent of the African market is interested in mobile TV.

"There was a massive campaign to market mobile TV in South Africa for the 2006 World Cup in Germany and it fell completely flat," the group's head Arthur Goldstuck told CNN.

"It's very uncomfortable to view TV on a cell phone screen. It simply doesn't make sense for a sporting event where the ball, for example, will completely disappear."

Meanwhile, FIFA has revealed that South Africans have bought more than 1.25 million tickets for the World Cup.

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