Friday, May 14, 2010

58 year old Botha is Nelspruit's Punisher

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"I've given them their punishment already. They've learned to leave the elderly and other people alone."

Shortly after the incident Botha, who was unemployed at the time, was contacted and offered a job.
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Nelspruit - Three muggers were "taught a lesson" when they tried to rob a 58-year-old man in Nelspruit on Tuesday.
Willie Botha fought back so ferociously that his attackers ended up in hospital.
He says he had gone to a pharmacy in Nelspruit on Tuesday to buy painkillers for his wife, Issie, 54. At about 15:00, he started walking back to his house, about 10km outside the city.
"I walked past an overgrown vlei near the Rob Ferreira hospital in Samora Machel Road when the three jumped me from out of the bushes. They tried to grab my cellphone and money from my pocket.
"But I'm a ninja and nobody pushes me around," he said.
When he was younger, Botha was a devoted student of martial arts.
"Back then I was trained by a Chinese instructor in Benoni and I obtained a seventh dan in karate. I also speak fluent Mandarin."
During the "flash fight", as he describes it, he punched one of the attackers so hard that his jaw was dislocated. Botha then kicked him between the legs for good measure.
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