Wednesday, May 12, 2010

2010 World Cup Visitor - will you be renting a car?

SHOOT: Then you should know in South Africa people do things like throw rocks off bridges to see if they strike it lucky [that is, if they manage to kill you]. They also beat one year old babies to death, rape very young children - presumably for fun. TISA.
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Pretoria - A man was caught red-handed by members of the community as he was about to throw a rock from the same bridge where Gideon Ehlers died.
Ehlers, 39, an engineer from Drift Super Sand in Muldersdrift, died on Friday when a rock "as big as a wheel" hit him in the chest as he was driving.
The rock was thrown from the Pretoria Road bridge over the N1.
"Shortly after midnight one the men called on the radio and said there was someone on the bridge," said Van Coppenhagen.
"The guy held a rock over the railing to throw it down.
"One of the CPA members ran up. When the man saw him, he let go of the rock and ran into the veld."
Sepato said this rock fell in front of a car driving underneath the bridge. The motorist drove over the rock and damaged his car's undercarriage.
Sepato said it was not clear at this stage whether the man was working alone.
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